Kymenlaakso Rescue Department

- Within Life -

The Kymenlaakso Rescue Department rescues and protects people, property and the environment in all the tasks assigned to the Rescue Services. The Kymenlaakso Rescue Department coordinates preparedness, prevents accidents by raising awareness and creating the conditions for rescuing with its skilled, motivated and committed staff.

Customer service
Monday - Friday Time Am 08 to Pm 4
Switchboard (05) 23161

Duty officer / Executive fire officer
Kotka Region
+35844 702 6211

Duty officer / Executive fire officer
Kouvola Region
+35844 702 6313

Safety Information Bulletin for Major Accident Hamina region

Safety is taking small precautions every day Information and instructions for accident prevention and emergencies

If you are in emergency or urgently need Rescue Services help,

look information below here:

CALL 112

Emergency number 112 FAQ